Interview Rocket is a simple, yet very powerful way to improve your recruiting processes.

  • Better Insight. Our system gives you an 8-10 minute snapshot of a candidate during the pre-screening phase. Learn about future employees communication skills, eagerness and ability to adapt to new situations.
  • Eliminate Time-Wasters. One of the great thing about our system is who won't use it. Candidates who already have another job offer in hand generally won't be interested. People who feel they are underqualified won't bother. And big egos are left at the door.

  • Save Time. How long does it normally take you to schedule a phone interview, conduct it, and then follow up? You get my point. Our interviews generally take 8-10 minutes to watch.

  • Improve Efficiency. With all of this time saving, as an HR professional, imagine what other thngs you could spend your time on. Catch up on annual performance reviews, employee learning and development, onboarding - the list goes on.